Overview of some of the new features in the new iPhone 13 (Part 2)

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We overviewed the camera, protecting your iPhone 13, and the Cinematic feature in Part 1 of the iPhone 13 new features article, and now we'll continue with our review...

Battery issues for the iPhone 13

Longer battery life is a feature that has been long clamored for by all iPhone users and was included in the design of all iPhone 13 versions. Regardless of which version you ultimately decide on, you can count on having anywhere between 1.5 – 2.5 hours longer in your battery. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 ProMax include Super Retina XDR Display with ProMotion, macro photography, and 3x optical zoom on the Telephoto camera. If you use the video feature quite a bit, either for personal or work-related projects, you will definitely appreciate the cinematic mode included in the build of all new iPhone 13 models. The iPhone 13 ProMax is equipped with the biggest battery in the history of iPhone. It has an 18.5% capacity increase from last year’s iPhone 12 ProMax. The iPhone 13 Mini does not compare with the battery life of the 13 ProMax, however it does come equipped with a battery life that is 2.5 hours longer than iPhone 12. So, if you are upgrading from last year’s model, you will certainly enjoy the greater battery life with all of these models.

Now you can go throughout your day using the GPS, listening to podcasts, answering work emails, and taking calls without needing as frequent charges. We can all use that!

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The IP68 water resistance of the iPhone 13

iPhones go with us everywhere throughout day, which means even the most responsible iPhone owner is susceptible to accidentally dropping their expensive investment, which is why the new iPhone models are equipped with Ceramic Shield. Another beautiful new addition to the four new iPhones is the IP68 water resistance, which means you can rest assured that your iPhone 13 can survive spills or accidental water damage to the exterior.

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The added screen size for the iPhone 13

If you value a large screen size, the iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with a 6.7 inch display. Gamers who love to play on their iPhones and bloggers who create content daily will appreciate the large screen size afforded by the new iPhone 13 Pro Max. Users who use the iPhone for mostly calls and texts, the iPhone 13 mini, which is only 5” size, makes for an easy grip in most smaller hands. Holding all four of the iphones in your hand is an important part of the shopping process. Some Apple enthusiasts simply upgrade and buy online, which means they forfeit the ability to hold the phone in their hands to see if it fits well.

The new iPhone 13 is made with squared sides, which may not be great news for folks who prefer a rounded edge. Still, the square sides is a feature most consumers can get used to over time. These phones are well-made and tough - the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 have aluminum and surgical grade stainless steel on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 ProMax. Additionally, when you hold a iPhone 13 in your hand for the first time, you will immediately notice that the screens are brighter, with an increase in 100-1200 nits.

Saving on the iPhone 13

Another reason why the iPhone 13 mini might be a good option for you is if you are looking to save on cost. The iPhone 13 mini starts at about $699, which is about $100 savings compared with the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 Pro starts at $999 and the iPhone 13 ProMax starts at $1099. If you are looking to upgrade but want to be conservative in your spending, the iPhone 13 Mini is still an incredible phone – complete with a widely powerful processor and with an incredibly high quality camera given the size of the relatively small phone.

As you decide which version of iPhone 13 is right for you, it is important to give some thought to what you value in a phone. If you want the biggest screen and best battery life and cost is not a barrier, go with the iPhone 13 ProMax! Regardless of which one you choose, you will immediately notice and appreciate the upgrades that will certainly enhance your life.

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