The Perfect Company Christmas Gift - A Customized Leather Case for Their Phones

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The company Christmas Parties are starting to happen. Knowing how to thank your employees for a year of hand work can be a challenge for managers. Choosing the right holiday gift can leave even the most appreciative and creative managers grasping for ideas, which is why we have the solution. 

Customize a Leather Phone Case

Perfect idea for company gifts - UNIQUE leather phone cases

People love holiday parties, they also love thoughtful gifts. This year is the perfect opportunity to customize your company’s holiday gifts with a new leather case for each member of your time. Because each case is a true original and can be made to fit your criteria, it’s a thoughtful way to show your employees how much you appreciate their loyalty and hard work. Customize your company’s holiday gifts with a new leather case this year and you will not regret it!

Customize Yours Today

A leather cover for the iPad and iPhone

Companies are finding that regularly acknowledging employees is directly linked to employee retention. Annual bonuses and flexible scheduling certainly motivate employees but when it comes to motivating your staff and building team loyalty, it’s all about the details. A Vaja case is the perfect gift for your staff for a few reasons. First of all, every member of your team has need for a superior quality leather iPhone case.

Custom iPad Leather Case for Christmas Gift

With a rich aroma, soft feel, and sturdy grip, every single member of your team will appreciate a high caliber case that they wouldn’t necessarily splurge on for themselves. Since Vaja allows customers to personalize their case and add customization options, you can add a monogram or your company’s logo to the outside. Something as simple as matching cases will help build unity among your team who are constantly using their iPhones during meetings and elsewhere.

Leather cases that improve over time

One of the reasons why Vaja cases make such excellent gifts is that it’s one of the few products that actually improves over time. Because Vaja cases are made from the highest quality Argentine leather and then handstitched by skilled artisans, these cases stand the test of time. Each case is made with four corner protection and a hard polycarbonate backbone that protects your phone from wear. Gorgeous, vibrant, and functional, Vaja is the solution for your company’s holiday gift this year.