Beautiful, Stunning, Protective Leather Macbook Pro Case from Vaja

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Apple may have broke the mold when they created their most advanced Mac notebook, but a leather Macbook Pro case will ensure you don't break your Macbook. Of course, the best Macbook Pro covers offer full coverage to protect your notebook from every angle when closed. Yet, they are cases that do not interfere with your Macbook's functionality, so a case should never cover the vital ports you need to access frequently such as the power, SD card, headphone jack, and USB port, among others. You shouldn't have to remove your Macbook cover in order to use the device, and being able to keep it in place during use offers just that much more protection.

Leather Macbook Pro Case

Insisting on a leather Macbook Pro case is about more than fashion and style. A cover made from textured leather gives you something to grip, which is a handy feature that reduces the chances you will drop your notebook. The good news is that you can get a premium leather case for your Macbook Pro from the same place you find quality leather smartphone cases.

Vaja Cases has designed elegant leather covers for both the 15 and 13 inch Macbook Pros, using the top quality Argentine leather and in the stylish colors Vaja is known for. Every Vaja case is handcrafted by a skilled artisan who incorporates your leather choices with our designers' one-of-a-kind designs to create the notebook cover you've always wanted. Not only do Vaja Cases for your Macbook include cutouts for all of the built-in features, but they also have four gripping feet incorporated into the bottom of the covers to keep your notebook stable and in place on just about any surface during use. Protect your Macbook Pro just as you would any device--dress it in a premium Leather Suit from Vaja Cases.