Beautiful Black Leather iPhone 6 - 6s Covers

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Coco Chanel is credited with saying that you can never go wrong with a little black dress, and it was Karl Lagerfeld who said, "One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress." Taking that cue from fashion, Vaja has created a line of can't-miss fashions for your smartphone with our black leather iPhone 6/6S covers. The black leather line is one of the most extensive at Vaja, offering several uniquely different designs that dress your device in understated style with an air of sophistication and class. It is a quality that you can always count on when you come to Vaja.

Black Leather iPhone 6 and 6s Covers and Cases

As with the iconic Black Dress, the thing about black leather phone covers is that they fit personalities across the board. You can't go wrong because black is both formal and casual, sophisticated and laid back, and the leather element ensures that your phone will be protected from dust, dirt, wear, and whatever the day brings. We have a reputation for paying painstaking attention to detail. That means whichever black leather phone cover you choose, from the open-faced Grip model to Slim Pele and wallet-style cases that offer more coverage, you can count on a perfect fit as well as cutouts to accommodate ports and buttons you need easy access to.

Another thing you can count on Vaja for is high-quality leather. We use hides selected from the top 10 percent of Argentinean leather not just because it looks amazing, but for its strength and durability, too. When you have a phone cover from Vaja, you know it is built to last. Whatever you are looking for in a phone case, whether you prefer your leather in black or a range of stylish colors, you will find the quality, distinctive covers that fit the description at Vaja.