Custom iPhone 6C Case

  • 2 min read
If you end up needing a custom iPhone 6C case, you know you can count on Vaja to create one for you. Amid rumors of anticipated features of the iPhone 6S that's supposed to be unveiled in September comes a surprise: a possible simultaneous release of an iPhone 6C. Much like the iPhone 5C was a budget-friendly version of the iPhone 5, the iPhone 6C is expected to be a smaller and more affordable adaptation of the iPhone 6, according to Digital Trends1. If analysts are correct, the 6C will be smaller and have a few differences in the rear housing that would require a custom iPhone 6C case. Custom iPhone 6C CaseBeing ready for all the newest upgrades and generations of smartphones is what we do best at Vaja. Our designers are experts at adjusting our most popular phone covers to accommodate new Apple phones, but they're also great at creating entirely new designs, too. It's part of what makes Vaja Cases so valuable as well as user friendly. If you've ever tried to make a phone cover work that wasn't designed specifically for your brand or generation of smartphone, then you know how important it is to get every detail right. Cutouts for speakers, power supply and earbud jacks have to be placed precisely. It's important, too, for the case to cover your phone and protect it, but it also has to leave the screen accessible to allow full functionality.

Custom iPhone 6C Case Sporting Your Own Colors

When you come to Vaja for a custom iPhone 6C case, or a cover for any other smartphone, functionality is at the top of the priority list. However, we also believe that a useful and practical phone case should look fabulous, too. Our craftsmen hand-stitch all our cases together using the highest quality Argentina leather in an array of stunning, unique colors to make the exceptional phone cover you're looking for. We create custom iPhone 6 cases with the colors and style you want.