Unique iPhone 6 Plus Cases

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Grip Grip LP Agenda Wallet Agenda Agenda LP
Unique iPhone 6 Plus CasesYou've waited forever for the newest Apple smartphone and now it's here, so of course Vaja has unique iPhone 6 Plus cases ready to go. We know you don't want your new gadget to go unprotected for a minute. That's why our designers began working on luxury covers for iPhone 6 when Apple first started talking about it. Taking our cues from the little hints offered, we were able to have designs on the drawing board and ready for production the minute Apple started taking pre-orders for their newest generation of iPhone, ensuring you'd be able to have a cover immediately after getting your new phone. Just having unique iPhone 6 Plus cases available wasn't enough for Vaja. Our focus is on providing the finest, highest-quality leather covers to protect your devices with style and elegance. If you know Vaja, you also know that we have become experts at doing this while still retaining functionality for your gadgets. Apple threw a bit of a curve this time out, releasing two versions of the iPhone 6, but Vaja, as always, was up to the task. We handily customized our popular Grip cover to accommodate the larger but slimmer frame of the iPhone 6 Plus to create a cover that works well with the new smartphone.

Deluxe Unique iPhone 6 Plus Cases - Make it Yours!

In our quest to provide you with choices, we've also created other unique iPhone 6 Plus cases, offering up three versions of the Agenda. It provides full coverage to protect your smartphone's screen when you're not using it, and the "wallet" version even has a dedicated slot for your ID as well as additional card slots to allow you to travel light. As always, you'll have all of our leather and color choices at your disposal when you partner with Vaja to make it your own.