The New iPhone 6 Cases are Here

  • 1 min read
The new iPhone 6 has been release, quite the hype last week. Have you checked out the new products from Vaja for the new iPhone 6 release? We've created some beautiful leather iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s cases that will make you stand out from the crowd, at the same time offering great protection. Whether you're looking to get a regular leather iPhone 6 case, with not customization, or you'd like to customize the look and colors of your new iPhone 6 cover/case, we can surely help out. Grip Stripes - iPhone 6 Case We have come out with the new Grip iPhone 6 case, the top flip iPhone case, the ever popular Grip Stripes iPhone 6 case, and even the Ella, the perfect combination ladies wallet and iPhone 6 case. We also now have the hottest product for the iPhone Plus... check out our iPhone 6 Plus leater covers. Feel free to customize the colors, we've got a cool and fun customization tool online that you can easily choose and preview the colors of your unique iPhone 6 case. There's nothing like it around, plus ALL our deluxe leather iPhone cases are made with the finest Argentinean leather. Multi-Colored iPhone 6 Grip Stripes Case Rugged, stylish, keeping your iPhone safe and sound. Check out our new styles, many are already enjoying their new cases for their phone, and many are being asked where they got that "cool" iPhone 6 case! Leather Clutch-Wallet-iPhone 6