iPhone 5 Leather Case

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iPhone 5 Leather CaseKnowing how important your mobile phone is to you, Vaja Cases has created a line of iPhone 5 leather case options to protect your phone. They aren't cheap, ineffective covers, either. All Vaja device cases are top of the line, high-end quality that you expect a leather phone cover to be. After all, why choose leather if you're not going to go all the way and use the best leather available? When you get an iPhone 5 leather case from Vaja, you know you're getting a quality leather cover that will last for a lifetime of rugged protection for your smartphone. At Vaja, we're all about durability and quality. That's why the cases we make to cover and protect your devices like smartphones, tablets, notebooks and MP3's are always made from the top 10 percent of leather produced in Argentina. We've chosen this type of leather for its strength and character. It's full grain and comes in four selections of finish: Caterina for a smooth, matte finish; Vitelino with its stunning polished, cracked look surface; Floater, sporting a bold, textured pebble grain; and Anilina, smooth, soft and tanned with plant and wood pigments that leave the surface grain intact.

Deluxe iPhone 5 Leather Cases - Customize Yours Online

This is the leather that stands the test of time, strong and durable yet growing more attractive as it ages. Your iPhone 5 leather case should be made of none other and that's why you come to Vaja Cases. Cover your smartphone and other devices in stylish elegance with a premium leather case from Vaja. You paid a high price for your electronics, don't stop short of quality when you need protection for them. Quality and style are the only type of cases you'll find at Vaja, covers that wear well, protect effectively and look amazing while they're on the job. Come check out our great selection of iPhone 5 cases!