Designer Cell Phone Cases

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Finding quality and sophisticated designer cell phone cases can be a challenge! Too many folks settle for cheaper cases and covers, made from plastic and rubber, which tend to break quickly after purchase and that fail to protect phones adequately. Vaja is different from other vendors in that Vaja cases are protective, yet also sleek and beautiful. If you are looking for designer cell phone cases, Vaja has the perfect phone case for you!

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Designer Cell Phone CasesVaja designer cell phone cases stand apart from any other cell phone case found in the market because of their outstanding quality. Each case is made from high quality full grain leather. Each case is handmade by skilled artisans, who maintain natural markings and scarring in the leather to bolster authenticity and character – a huge shift from the mass-produced, generic cases found in malls or through online vendors. Only the finest Argentine leather is used in the making, and customers have their choice between a few different types of leathers, including caterina, vitelino, floater, and aniline leather. The rich texture and distinctive aroma of the leather are distinguishing characteristic of Vaja phone cases! This is one product that actually improves over time, with wear.

In addition to designer cell phone cases, Vaja also specializes in beautiful and protective coverings for ipad, blackberry, tablet, notebook, and mp3. Everyone could benefit from having one of these sleek and durable cases. They make a thoughtful gift! Beautiful and flexible, the quality cannot be beat. Customers also appreciate that they have customization options when they order through us. We can add cutouts where they prefer them, they can have snap or magnetic closure, as well as engraving options. We hope our customers will collaborate with us to create a case they desire. Let’s get creating!