Custom iPhone 5 Case

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Are you looking for a custom iphone 5 case that stands out among the generic, mass produced phone cases found in malls and through online vendors? Vaja provides customers with custom made, top of the line phone cases that surpass the competition in craftsmanship and style. Vaja aims to provide customers with the finest quality products found in the market.

Use Our Custom iPhone 5 Case Options Today

Custom iPhone 5 CaseEach Vaja product is crafted from the finest leather imported from Argentina. Vaja uses different types of leather to ensure that each customer can find a type that fits their individual preferences. Caterina, vitelino, floater, and anilina type leathers are provided as options. If you are currently shopping for a custom iphone 5 case, you may be hesitant to buy a leather case when plastic is much less expensive. While plastic coverings are less expensive, they also break and do not give your iphone adequate protection. Vaja iPhone 5 leather case products hold up over time with minimal care by the owner. In fact, customers report that their cases actually look more authentic and have more character over time with use.

Vaja not only provides custom made iphone cases, but also offers cases for ipads, mp3, notebooks, and tablets. We also create some of the finest quality leather wallets found in the market. Vaja gives customers custom iPhone 5 case options when they shop. Customers can choose their preference of matching leather lining or soft leather lining on the inside of their wallet. Customers can decide whether or not they prefer a magnetic closure or a snap closure. One can also specify where they need cutouts in the leather to accommodate for speakers, earphones, and mouthpieces. Our goal is to accommodate to the customer’s needs as much as possible, not the other way around.

When it comes to quality and style, nobody does it better than Vaja.