Leather iPad Cases

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Who knew leather iPad cases didn’t have to be boring and non-descript? At Vajacases, we’ve known it all along and we’ve made it our mission to bring you not only the smartest, most attractive cover and case designs, but we’re dedicated to assuring the quality you get when you buy from Vaja. That means whatever case you get from us will be hand-made by skilled and experienced craftsmen, not mass-produced on an automated assembly line. And we only use Argentina leather for all of our new iPad leather cases, full grain cowhide that has not been altered.

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Leather iPad CasesWhen you order leather iPad cases from Vaja, you’ll get a case crafted from one of four beautiful yet durable leather types. Caterina has a smooth, matte finish and is soft and flexible. The Vitelino type has a stressed, cracked look to the finish, yet is soft and supple, true elegance in leather. Our Floater is full-grain leather with an irregular pebble finish that is known for its strength and durability, and wears well. And for the uncommon look of dyed leather that still shows its surface grain, the Anilina type has been tinted using vegetable coloring from woods and plants that leave a smooth finish that doesn’t compete with or hide the leather’s natural beauty.

The selections of leathers alone will convince you to shop Vajacases for the leather iPad cases you’re looking for, but we take it further than that. We have an array of designs for whatever type of device you want to cover. You get to select your design, the color of the leather, and we’ll even emboss the back of the cover with your name, for the ultimate in personalization. With the innovative and functional designs we offer and our dedication to excellence, it’s easy to see why Vaja is equivalent to quality.