Custom iPad Cases

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Custom Ipad cases are all the rage today, and for good reason. Everyone who has an Ipad wants to differentiate it, and the best way to do that is through customization. But if you want custom Ipad cases that are truly different from anything out there, then all you have to do is buy your next Ipad case right here at VajaCases. Not only do you get a beautiful case that is as unique as you are, you get all of the benefits of having one a premium leather case as well.

Our Custom iPad Cases Protect Your Tablet Device

Custom iPad CasesAt Vaja, customization starts with the style of case you want, for the Ipad that you have. We have cases for all versions of the Ipad to start with. Then, you have to choose which style of case you like best. For the newest Ipad, there are 8 different styles to choose from. They start with the Smart Grip, which gives you the bare bones stand and cover for your Ipad, while leaving out all of the bulkiness from other versions. Or you can go with one of our other seven book style covers. Once you have chosen the cover style for your leather iPad cases you get to go for texture and color.

And since you can choose from 32 colors for the outside, and 34 colors, including microfiber for the inside, your custom Ipad cases from Vaja will look spectacular. Our leather textures include: Caterina, Vitelino, Floater, and Anilina. That gives you both the look and the feel for the Ipad case that you want. But we have not even talked about the further personalization that you can do. Beautiful designs and etched names are just the beginning. When you go with Vaja for your next Ipad case you will truly understand what it means to have the best in the business.