Top Flip - Smart iPhone 6/6s Leather Cases

Color: Durango and Birch
Dark Brown and Birch
Floater Black
High Risk and Birch
Black and Rosso
Durango and Birch
Durango and London
London and Creme
Crown Blue and True Blue
Crown Blue and Marina
High Risk
    • Thinner, lighter, polycarbonate frame that's even stronger than beforeSmart. Robust. Beautiful.

      An iPhone 6/6s leather case that's built to last, no doubt. We started with a thinner, lighter polycarbonate backbone and covered with natural Argentinian leather. The lightweight frame provides structure, stability and increased protection. Two precisely embedded magnets built into the leather securely holding the top flip to the back shell of your iPhone 6/6s case to form a secure seal offering maximum protection with minimal effort and obstruction. Simple. Smart. Precise. Vaja.

      Perfect Match

      You have to hold this case in your hands to truly appreciate it.The unique leather aroma, the subtle touch and increased grip. Sand blasted stainless steel logo. It's quintessential execution. No rush. Just slo

    • Magnetic Clam-shell closure system using rare-earth magnets
    • Inside: Premium Leather
    • Outside options: Vegetable tanned Bridge Leather or Floater Leather
    • Grainy all-weather Floater leather