Ways People are Customizing Their Leather iPhone Cases at Vaja

  • 2 min read

After years of providing top quality, handcrafted leather cases, we have come to believe one truth; our customers value choice. Whether choosing the leather type, grain, color, or customization options, our customers value the ability to design a product that fits their aesthetic tastes, their needs, and their preferences. Here at Vaja, we aim to provide the top quality cases and covers for your iPhone, iPad & tablet, and other electronics! We provide an alternative to the “cookie-cutter” plastic cases on the market that do a mediocre job at protecting one of your most expensive assets. Adding style and sophistication, Vaja iPhone cases will give you professional polish both inside and outside of the office.

Here at Vaja, we are always looking for ways to improve our products, in regard to function and also aesthetics. We work with our customers, allowing them to play a role in the creative process of customizing their leather iPhone case. Customers have their choice of top Argentine leathers, including floater, caterina, and bridge leather to name a few. We offer engraving options, allowing you to get creative by adding your name, a message or logo to the case. The result is a beautiful, hand-crafted, long lasting phone case that will provide superior protection and add professional polish as you enter the office.

Customizing Your Leather Phone Case

As you scour the market for a new iPhone 8 cover, you may run into this common problem; the beautiful cases are not the most functional and conversely, the protective covers are quite boring and lack style. The Vaja cases will keep your device scratch-free and provide superior protection in the event of a sudden drop. Made with a strong grip, you almost have to try to drop your iPhone from your hands!

Vaja’s willingness to work with customers to customize the exact case they desire is what sets us apart from other companies. Instead of settling, we give customers the creative control. The customization process is easy, as customers select the model, leather type, and color they desire online during the ordering process. Now your iPhone case can reflect your school colors, business logo, and your personal initials! We give our customers choice, which is why we maintain a loyal customer-base year after year!