iPhone 11 Wallet Leather Cases - It Doesn't Get Better Than This

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You already have your long-awaited iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max. Now look no further: the ultimate iPhone leather cases are here. Invest in top quality protection for your precious device. Once you carefully browse through our iPhone 11 Pro leather cases collection and you find the perfect Wallet, the journey begins.

The packaging, the unboxing experience… it’s one of a kind. You’ll instantly recognize our signature leather smell, that rich texture and gorgeous color palette. Keep your device safe and sound with our iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet leather cases, they are built to last and to safeguard your iPhone from accidental bumps or scratches. Even the screen is safe from dust or spills with the front flap.

iPhone 11 Wallet Leather Cases

What Makes Us Second to None

For one, we allow customers to personalize their iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet leather cases, choosing features like: leather type, color, engraving, and even if you want a magnetic clasp or not! The end result is a custom built, unique case. A true original.

Should you feel like getting one of our “ready to ship” iPhone 11 leather cases, the handmade beauty you’ll receive is equally amazing. Our leather artisans make sure each case is made from the finest Argentinean leather, handcrafted from beginning to end. No detail, thread or slot is overlooked in the craftsmanship of a Vaja case. Leather ages beautifully, and it has a certain “attitude” to it, which means you invest in a product that actually improves over time. To make things even better, the soft, buttery feel in your hands will convince you this was the perfect choice for you.

The Ultimate Wallet Leather Cases

When it comes to selecting the perfect accessory to compliment your look, it’s important to keep simplicity in mind. Our iPhone 11 Pro wallet leather cases are specially designed to protect your phone from pollutants and particles that could potentially harm it. They are also the epitome of practicality: say goodbye to bulky pockets! RFID protected, these Wallet leather cases feature four credit card slots and an extra one for folded bills. Keep all your essentials in one place and you’ll be good to go.

iPhone 11 Wallet Leather Cases

The resistant polycarbonate frame sets Vaja’s cases apart from others on the market. Your iPhone 11 wallet leather case will endure the test of time and become even more dazzling with regular use. We can add a variety of engraving or monogram options to make your case truly special, one reason why our leather cases make such noteworthy gifts for your family and friends.

Experience Premium Leather

If you’re new to premium leather goods, it’s a ride worth your while. Our Bridge leather matures and develops a special patina with time that’s singular to every owner, and the durability and endurance offered by our all-weather Floater leather is unmatched. A classic, earthy-toned palette or a more vibrant color: the choice is yours!

Our premium Wallet leather cases speak for themselves. They are not only stunning, it’s so much more: each one tells the story of our twenty years in the market making top notch leather cases. They carry the expertise of our leather artisans and the functional design built into every iPhone 11 leather case.

Pick the iPhone 11 Pro Max wallet leather case that best suits your personality, and you’re bound to make a statement everywhere you go.