Check Our Our Beautiful Premium Silver Leather Cases for Your iPhone

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LUXURY at Your Fingertips

Simply stunning... the VAJA Silver Leather Cases for your new iPhone. Beautiful to look at, beautiful to touch... customize yours today online at Vaja.

Deluxe Silver Leather iPhone Cases

There's still time to take advantage of the sale, GET 25% off these beauties.... BUT HURRY, the sale ends tonight (January 17th, 2019) at midnight! The offer is valid only for silver custom cases...

Beautiful Leather - Silver iPhone Cases

Imagine the exceptional feeling of leather and 925 silver at the same time in your hands. Our luxurious Silver cases are available in four different types of silver accents and they feature a silver camera eyelet for better protection. Select your favorite leather combination and immerse yourself in a luxurious experience.

Custom Leather Silver iPhone Cases


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