All About Metallic Leather Phone Covers and Cases

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Placing a laminate coating over fine leather to create a metallic effect gives it a distinctive, posh look. The craftsmen can use a range of different colors with the laminate but a few specific colors look best when working to give leather the appearance of metal, and the colors of precious metals are among the best. Shades of gold, bronze, and silver are quite striking when combined with leather, but pink and purple hues emerge from the metallicizing process rich and sumptuous. The durability of the leather and the exquisite appearance make metallic leather a superb choice for making phone covers and cases.

Metallic Leather Phone Cases

The laminate coating helps make leather water-resistant, another plus if you have a phone case made from metallic leather. That doesn't mean it's a good idea to soak it through. You should still take care to keep your metallic leather phone cover dry when possible. If your metallic leather phone cover does get wet, gently wipe away water or other moisture with a damp cloth, then allow to air dry. Even if you keep your leather phone cover dry, you'll still want to clean it periodically to condition the leather and extend the life of the metallic finish. This can be done by buffing leather cream into the surface with a soft cloth, then rubbing it clean. Avoid leather care products that contain silicon or wax. With proper care and normal use, your metallic leather phone case will start to develop a classic vintage look.

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