iPhone 6 Release

  • 2 min read
iPhone 6 ReleaseRight after the iPhone 6 release was announced, speculation began on whether Apple would simply update the current iPhone version (as it did with the iPhones 5S and 5C), or if it would take the opportunity to unveil a flood of groundbreaking technology and features. At Vaja, we take all of the rumors into consideration to ensure that we have the perfect case design for the new iPhone Air the same day it's released.  Just sign up to be notified about the new Apple iPhone 6 release.

Many Questions on the iPhone 6 Release

Will it have a bigger screen? Will it come in more than one size? Where will the camera be placed? What other technological features can you expect? While you're going to have to wait for the iPhone 6 release for the answers to these and other questions, rest assured that Vaja is already working on designs that will not only protect your device but flatter it, as well. True to all premium leather phone covers you get from Vaja, the iPhone Air case will perfectly fit your new smartphone with cutouts expertly placed with precision to accommodate power plugs, camera lenses, buttons and other features. At Vaja, our reputation is for top-quality, custom covers. That means we give you the design choices, a selection of leather types and colors -- only of the finest Argentine leather -- and a few distinctive features such as crystal accents, choices in leather lining and laser etched personalization. Getting you involved in the process of creating your phone cover allows you to truly make it your own. Maybe you've been anticipating the iPhone 6 release ever since you got your iPhone 5S. Allow Vaja to give you something constructive to do while you wait. Browse our selection of leather, take note of our choices in linings, closures and other features. Make a list of your preferences so you'll be ready to hit the "order" button the minute the iPhone Air debuts.