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Libretto leather case for new ipad
from $150
Ivolution top leather case for new ipad
iVo Top
from $180
Leather agenda cases for new ipad
from $210
Ivolution top SP leather cases for new ipad
Top SP
from $200
Matelasse leather cases for new ipad
from $180
Crystal leather cases for new ipad
from $260
Smart leather grip for new iPad
Smart Grip
from $90
Silver for new ipad
from $350
Premium leather sleeve for iPad 2
from $150

New iPad Leather Cases

Start choosing from the above
models of our premium leather
cases for the New iPad.
New iPad leather cases
New iPad leather cases

New iPad Premium leather cases

Either if you are looking for the slimmest protection, or for the most exclusive leather case for the new iPad, you will surely find a Vaja product that meets your user needs. From the Messenger Bag for a casual style, to the functional Libretto or Agenda models, your device will find the ideal protection in a trendy manner. Go with the Leather Sleeves if you want full protection at minimum thickness or the Ivolution Grip, just for back colorful coverage;

or, why not, with the Ivolution Top SP leather case if you are in a sporty mood. If you really want to stand out of the crowd within the leather covers for the New iPad world, then you will find either the Ivolution Top Crystal, encrusted with real Swarovski crystals, or the Silver case with genuine 925 silver appliqués, really captivating. All models offer a really wide selection of different leather textures or color combinations.