Apple may have broke the mold when they created their most advanced Mac notebook, but a leather Macbook Pro case will ensure you don't break your Macbook. Of course, the best Macbook Pro covers offer full coverage to protect your notebook from every angle when closed. Yet, they are cases that do not interfere with your Macbook's functionality, so a case should never cover the vital ports you need to access frequently such as the power, SD card, headphone jack, and USB port, among others. You shouldn't have to remove your Macbook cover in order to use the device, and being able to keep it in place during use offers just that much more protection.

Leather Macbook Pro Case

Insisting on a leather Macbook Pro case is about more than fashion and style. A cover made from textured leather gives you something to grip, which is a handy feature that reduces the chances you will drop your notebook. The good news is that you can get a premium leather case for your Macbook Pro from the same place you find quality leather smartphone cases.

Vaja Cases has designed elegant leather covers for both the 15 and 13 inch Macbook Pros, using the top quality Argentine leather and in the stylish colors Vaja is known for. Every Vaja case is handcrafted by a skilled artisan who incorporates your leather choices with our designers' one-of-a-kind designs to create the notebook cover you've always wanted. Not only do Vaja Cases for your Macbook include cutouts for all of the built-in features, but they also have four gripping feet incorporated into the bottom of the covers to keep your notebook stable and in place on just about any surface during use. Protect your Macbook Pro just as you would any device--dress it in a premium Leather Suit from Vaja Cases.

If you have recently upgraded to an iPhone 7, you’re next move is to find a protective yet attractive case for your new expensive investment. Unique iPhone 7 plus cases that boast any appeal can be hard to find in a market that is flooded with rubber and plastic cases that, which cheap, fail to protect most phones in the event of a sudden drop. With this hole in the market, Vaja Cases saw a need. We make covers and cases for iPhone, iPad, notbooks, and other electronic devices.

 Unique iPhone 7 Plus Cases

What makes Vaja Cases iPhone 7 plus cases unique? For one, the quality is unbeatable. Each case is made from strong, authentic Argentine leather, handcrafted by some of the world’s most talented artisans by hand. When you hold a Vaja Cases case in your hand, you immediately detect the difference in quality. Each case is sleek and stylish, and is one of the few items you will ever own that will actually improve over time, with wear. Authentic markings and blemishes have been left in the leather, making it a true one of a kind case.

When you consider how much information you have stored on your iPhone, it makes sense to invest in a cover that will protect your important information. You use your phone for everything from keeping track of banking information to storing family pictures to managing every aspect of your life through applications. You need to keep functionality and durability in mind when shopping for an iPhone case.

The Vaja Cases iPhone case is perfect for that individual who is trusted by the lack of options out there. The stylish cases are not practical and the practical options lack creativity and edge. Vaja Cases has created a lab of iPhone cases that strike the perfect balance.


The New iPhone 7 Leather Cases

September 12, 2016

So the iPhone 7 is finally here... excited? There has been both good and bad reviews, mixed feelings, and new features introduced with the release of the new iPhone 7.  The new iPhone 7 is starting around $650, without any upgrade discounts. That's a pretty steep price for most, but rest assured, anyone with a "free upgrade" with their cell carrier will no doubt jump at the chance to get their new iPhone 7. Next step... getting your new phone to look even better, with a luxury iPhone 7 leather case.

We've designed one of the nicest looking iPhone cases to date, for the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Our leather is from Argentina, displaying the look of luxury from any way you look at the cover. Soft to the touch, all leather used in our products is full grain cowhide and taken from the top 10% of Argentina's leather... Strength, quality, and character in the grain is something we look for in all our leather.

Luxury iPhone 7 Leather Cases

Whether you have the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, we have beautiful leather cases starting from $69 and up. Brown, tan, black, and combinations of colors are just some of the choices you have when looking for a new leather phone cover. VAJA cases and covers are the perfect way to stand out from the crown and display your beautiful, luxury-themed case. We have iPhone Wallet leather cases that has pockets for credit cards and folded bills. We also have the Lola XO premium leather wristlet the includes detachable wristlet.

View all our iPhone 7 leather cases online at VAJA and make sure you're phone is protected, and still looks good!


If you are like most people in today’s world, your iPad follows you everywhere. Whether you use your iPad for professional purposes (tracking budgets, making orders, keeping track of payroll) or for personal use (social media, keeping your kids entertained with some age-appropriate media), you need an iPad cover that is going to protect your expensive investment, everyday without fail. Vaja has a beautiful new iPad pro cover that is thin and sleek, slipping over your iPad for a beautiful and stylish look.

Leather iPad Pro Cover

The iPad pro cover fits any iPad pro or pencil. If you have never owned a Vaja case before, you will be amazed by the craftsmanship of each cover. Each Vaja product is made from the finest premium leather, found in Argentina. Each case or cover is handmade by some of the best artisans in the world with high attention paid to detail. The magnetic closure on the outside of the cover allows you to store and access your iPad easily. The leather of your iPad pro cover is such high quality that it will actually improve overtime, with use. The minute you hold your iPad pro cover in your hand, you will recognize the difference between a Vaja case and the others on the market, usually made from cheaper materials.

If you have shopped around for an iPhone cover, you have probably noticed that the functional covers are not stylish and the stylish ones are impractical. Vaja has found a way to deliver both style and functionality in the form of the iPad pro cover. While the main purpose of the iPad cover is to protect your iPad (each cover has padding on the inside to protect the iPad from scratching or other damage), they are also sleek and thin. You can easily and discretely slip your iPad in its covering and carry it in your purse.

If you are on the search for an iPhone 6 cover, you have probably noticed that there seems to be a lack of beautiful yet protective iPad cases on the market. In today’s world, we all want to solidify out personal brand. Our choice in clothing, what we do for a living, the car we drive, all says a lot about who we are and what we value. Our personal brand includes the electronics we use, including the case. There is no better way to send a message of professionalism and style than with an iPad pro leather case by Vaja. From the moment you hold a vaja leather case in your hand, you will immediately recognize and appreciate the quality of the item and most likely, refuse to settle for the knock off cases out there on the market.

iPad Pro Leather Cases by Vaja

What makes Vaja iPad cases stand apart? For one, each Vaja product is made from the finest quality Argentine leather, with blemishes and authentic markings left in each case to guarantee a one-of-a-kind product. With strong attention paid to detail, skilled artisans hand-make each cover, with stitching that will remain in tact even after years of use. Ipad pro leather cases come in any color you desire to match your personal preferences and personal brand.

No matter how or where you use your iPad, you need to make sure it is protected and covered. Take a moment to consider how much money you invested in your purchase. Then take a moment to think about how much of your personal information including pictures, contacts, phone numbers, personal or business notes, are stored on one device. You cannot afford to leave your device unprotected, which is why an iPad pro leather case is a necessary investment.

Autumn is almost here and Apple fanboys (and girls) know that means that the release of a new iPhone is imminent. Though it probably won't happen until September of 2016, there are rumors aplenty about how the iPhone 7 might differ from its predecessors. Naturally, size is always an issue with iPhones, so if you'll be one of the first to snag a new Apple smartphone, you won't be able to use your old phone case. But who wants to do that, anyway? Whether the buzz about a thinner phone with a slightly larger screen is true or not, just count on getting a new iPhone 7 leather cover for your new smartphone.

iPhone 7 Leather Covers and Cases

The next generation of Apple phones will require iPhone 7 leather covers designed specifically for them because you know Apple is going to move things around a bit. According to Apple Insider, a second speaker might take the place of the headphone jack, a feature that Bluetooth has pretty much made obsolete. If that happens, your phone case will require a bigger cutout where the headphone port used to be. There might even be an extra hole on the back under the microphone, though that's just speculation at this point and no one really knows what it would be used for. Still, and extra opening would require an extra cutout on the phone case, and accommodations would have to be made for a magnetic port if Apple ends up offering "Plus" versions that dock on a Smart Connector.

As October draws near, everyone will be hearing more and more about the next generation of iPhone, so many of these rumors may be confirmed in the near future. Whatever features the iPhone 7 ends up having, you can count on Vaja to create fabulous, functional iPhone 7 leather covers that are as durable as they are attractive.


It is true that leather lends a quality of style and strength to a phone case, but there is something exceptional and chic about the fabric iPhone 6 covers you will find at Vaja. For those who like the idea of having an exclusive phone cover that can't be found anywhere else, but who want to go even a step further and have one made from fabric, Vaja is the place to find what you are looking for.    

When you shop Vaja for a fabric cover for your iPhone, you will not find brash colors, tasteless prints, and flimsy material. Instead, the fabric cases at Vaja are crafted from a sophisticated, durable tweed-look cloth. Alternatively, you can even opt for a fabric cover that sports a leather pocket to give you the best of two chic looks. Plus, you can get many of the Vaja designs in fabric or the fabric/leather combination, whether you want a simple Grip case that leaves the face of your phone available for use, or a Pelle or wallet-style cover that offers more complete protection.

Your smartphone keeps you in touch, on schedule, and in-the-know, connecting you with friends, family, business associates, news, weather, and your calendar. It is a constant companion and personal assistant that you can't live without. It definitely deserves to be outfitted in a high quality phone case--one that matches your own exclusive style. Whether you favor leather phone cases, or are in the mood to try something different with fabric, you will find everything you are looking for in the new designs and exceptional leathers and fabrics at Vaja.

With back to school on the way, now is a good time to consider creating luxury custom phone covers to coordinate with school colors. Vaja is expert in designing quality leather phone covers, but the terrific thing about coming to Vaja for a phone case is that you can make it your own. Customizing your phone cover can be done in three simple steps, starting with choosing the Vaja cover that best fits you and your phone, then selecting the type and colors of leather you want the case to be. With the selection of gorgeous shades Vaja offers, it's just that easy to design a phone cover that includes your school colors.

Students shouldn't get all the fun, though. Besides, nothing brings your brand to the forefront like displaying your company colors. Using the same straightforward process, you can create high quality phone covers in shades of sumptuous leather that match any company's colors. It's not only a great way to show pride in your business, but it's great for team building when your employees are all carrying their own unique phone covers sporting the company colors. What's more, custom phone covers in your company colors are a terrific way to show your appreciation to special clients and customers.

Come to Vaja when you want to create custom phone covers using your school or company colors. Vaja has exceptional designs to make your phone case stand out and the top-quality leathers to ensure it will last and last. On top of that, you can choose a combination of colors that correspond with the color scheme of your school or business to make your smartphone, tablet or notebook case even more distinctive. When you partner with Vaja, you get the highest quality leather cases along with an exceptional way to show school spirit or company pride.

In today’s world of interconnectedness and unlimited options, there is no need to settle for anything other than exactly what you want. Vaja recognizes this concept and offers customizability to each customer who buys our products. We understand that you want an iPhone or ipad case that is just as unique as you are – and we deliver.

The market is flooded with iPhone case covers made from cheap materials usually rubber or plastic. While these cheaper alternatives save you in the price department, they usually break not long after purchase and usually cannot protect your phone in the event of an unexpected drop. When you shop from the mass-produced options, you tend to look mass-produced, like everyone else. Vaja gives you the chance to custom-make an iPhone case that is not only the exact color you desire, but can also customize other aspects of the case as well, with engraving and different closure options.

Choose Your Own Colors for iPhone Leather Phone Case

How is Vaja different from other companies? We are willing to custom-make products for our clients. For example, we use best quality premium full grain leather in making out iPhone, ipad, and tablet cases. We can dye leather to match any shade of any color, allowing for you to choose your own colors for the iPhone leather phone case. Not only is each product custom-made to fit your personal preferences, but they are handmade to ensure finest quality. Each is handcrafted, ensuring that you get a one-of-a-kind original that will last for years to come.

While leather iPhone covers are more of an investment when compared with plastic or rubber cases, you must take into account longevity. The Vaja iPhone case is one investment that will not break down over time, and if anything improve with wear. With all of the customization options, allowing you to select different types of leather, colors, and engraving options, there is no need to settle for anything else.

Coco Chanel is credited with saying that you can never go wrong with a little black dress, and it was Karl Lagerfeld who said, "One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress." Taking that cue from fashion, Vaja has created a line of can't-miss fashions for your smartphone with our black leather iPhone 6/6S covers. The black leather line is one of the most extensive at Vaja, offering several uniquely different designs that dress your device in understated style with an air of sophistication and class. It is a quality that you can always count on when you come to Vaja.

Black Leather iPhone 6 and 6s Covers and Cases

As with the iconic Black Dress, the thing about black leather phone covers is that they fit personalities across the board. You can't go wrong because black is both formal and casual, sophisticated and laid back, and the leather element ensures that your phone will be protected from dust, dirt, wear, and whatever the day brings. We have a reputation for paying painstaking attention to detail. That means whichever black leather phone cover you choose, from the open-faced Grip model to Slim Pele and wallet-style cases that offer more coverage, you can count on a perfect fit as well as cutouts to accommodate ports and buttons you need easy access to.

Another thing you can count on Vaja for is high-quality leather. We use hides selected from the top 10 percent of Argentinean leather not just because it looks amazing, but for its strength and durability, too. When you have a phone cover from Vaja, you know it is built to last. Whatever you are looking for in a phone case, whether you prefer your leather in black or a range of stylish colors, you will find the quality, distinctive covers that fit the description at Vaja.

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