Premium Slim Leather Case for the iPhone 4
Nuova Pelle
from $80
Ivolution stripes leather case for iPhone 4s
from $130
Leather grip case for iPhone 4s
from $80
Ivolution top silver case for iPhone 4s
from $220
Ivolution top crystal case for iPhone 4s
from $220
Matelasse leather case for iPhone 4s
from $135
Leather Leger pouch for iPhone 4s
Lèger Pouch
from $60
Ivolution top LP case for iPhone 4s
from $105
Leather agenda case for iPhone 4s
from $105
Leather grip matelasse cases for iPhone 4S
Grip Mat
from $115
Silver leather cases for iPhone 4S
from $180
Silver top leather cases for iPhone 4S
Silver Top
from $280
Retro leather bag for iPhone 4s
Retro Slim
from $80
Ivolution top case for iPhone 4s
iVo Top
from $115
Premium Leather Cross-Body Bag and Clutch
from $280

iPhone 4 Leather Cases

Start choosing from the above
models of our premium leather
cases for the iPhone 4/4s.
iPhone 4/4s leather cases
iPhone 4/4s leather cases

iPhone 4/4s premium leather cases

Our leather cases selection for the iphone 4/4s offers quite a few styles and price range to cover almost any budget. Our iPhone 4/4s cases lineup starts with the iVolution grip that offers a great balance between protection and usability, continues with the original iPhone 4/4s iVolution top which has different and sharp looks including the LP, Stripes and plain versions, offering great protection to the display.

The Crystal is our fashion approach with encrusted Swarovski crystals. The Silver turns into a very exclusive design with real 925 silver accents. And the Feather pouch is the lightest premium leather pouch available that adds a little bit of class to the iphone 4 that already feels like a luxury phone.