Our Leather

Vaja is synonymous with
quality and craftsmanship

All leather used in our products is full grain cowhide. These hides, from the top ten percent of Argentina’s leather, are selected for quality, strength, character and grain.

They have not been altered in any way thereby allowing the natural makings and character to show through. Full grain cowhide is generally much cleaner and has minimal scarring and insect bites.

This results in a product of extremely high quality. Our products are hand-made one at the time in our factories by the most skilled craftsmen who maintain the highest quality standards in the world’s leather industry.


These hides have a matte finish and a smoother appearance. Caterina, an extremely soft and flexible leather is highly recommended to dress your device with elegance. Bear in mind that as all genuine leathers it should be handled with care, especially lighter colors. Hard use and rubbing against sharp surfaces may affect its appearance and durability.


The beautiful, cracked-look surface of this leather type is achieved by polishing with extreme pressure by rollers made of agate, steel or glass. Our process for Vaja products generally uses the glass rollers because it allows for the best possible results. The Vitelinos, while one of our highest quality and most beautiful finishes, can also be somewhat delicate. As such, we recommend this finish for businessmen and women who understand the nature of this very elegant and comfortable product.


Floater is premium full-grain leather; it has a pebble grain that has been acquired while tumbling in a mill, which is a big drum lined with pegs that tumbles the hides for more than 24 hours. This results in very unique leather with a very soft hand, and irregular finish, where each part of the hide has a different grain pattern. Floater is very exclusive leather that is also very strong and durable. This premium leather is finished by hand-glazing the upper part of the grain bringing about a gradual change in the color that will be enhanced by age and use. We recommend this unique leather for all our iVolution premium leather cases.


Aniline leathers such as Hot Chocolate, Black, Rio Red and Brown are leathers tanned with vegetable pigments from plants and woods that leave the natural features of the leather intact. The result is soft leather with a smooth finish. No pigmented finish or topcoats are applied to correct or mask the natural beauty of the hide. This means that you will be able to see the actual surface grain.

  • Leather is incredibly strong, and when maintained correctly, it has a very long life expectancy.
  • Leather is non-allergenic. All dust particles can be fully removed which makes it ideal for people with sensitivity to this type of allergens
  • Leather is unmatched in feel and the distinctive aroma is what gives it one of its most recognizable and desirable traits.

Flexibility: Leather stretches and "moves" to conform to individual contours, yet still retains sufficient strength to provide support.

Durability: Leather is like a good wine, it gets better with age. With regular use, its beauty deepens and its natural character becomes more intense. With appropriate care, it will last for years to come.

Beauty: Leather, by its very nature, comes in a wide range of pleasing textures and surface patterns. It's also extremely malleable. The unmistakable feel and scent of leather enhances its appeal.

Proper Leather
Maintenance & Clearing

Once a week polish the leather with a dry and clean cloth or soft and mild brush. With this minimal care, your leather product will provide long-lasting use. We recommend using a neutral cream (e.g. Meltonian) sparingly applied with a soft clean cloth and then brushing the polish immediately after.

Things not to do...
  • Don't put adhesive stickers, glue will permanently mark the case surface.
  • Don't over-stuff credit cards slots or money pockets. Doing so will stretch the leather.
  • Leather breathes, that's what keeps it soft and supple. Do not store the case in plastic bags. Cover your leather with breathable cloth, like coitton sheets when storing.

We’ve provided some helpful tips below on how to take care of various mishaps or issues with your leather case. These are helpful tips, not to be considered as "solutions"


If they are only drops, press firmly with absorbent paper on the surface and then let them dry in the shade. Please do not apply any kind of heat. When the surface is completely dry, rub the surface with a clean and dry cloth to restore the shine.

If your case becomes wet, as fast as you can, take an absorbent paper and soak up -don’t rub- just blot. Allow it to dry slowly and naturally at room temperature, avoiding direct heat (hot air vents, radiators, furnaces, hair dryers) or sunlight. To restore flexibility, apply a little uncolored leather polish (Eg. Meltonian) when the leather is dry. This can help, but unfortunately your case never will look as before.


For butter, oil or grease, wipe excess butter, oil or grease off the leather with absorbent paper, and then leave it alone as the spot should dissipate into the leather in time. Do not apply water to try to wash butter, oil or a grease spot.


Do not wet the stain or apply solvent, alcohol, or water. With a clean, white and soft pencil eraser, press softly erasing the pen stain. Please follow the procedure again if necessary. Then rub with a cloth or an extremely soft brush to remove the remaining rubber. If necessary, apply only uncolored leather polish (Eg. Meltonian) over the area.

Let it dry, and rub with a dry cloth to restore shine. In leathers such as Vitelino, Caterina, Vaquero, and Floater this procedure helps to diminish the stain and according to the leather tone itself, it can even disappear completely. Do not try to use this procedure to remove ink stains in aniline leathers, due to the fact that these leathers have no protective treatments applied to them, the stain is likely to remain. Do not try to remove it with our suggestions or your own method. Leave the stain, within a few months Aniline leathers will darken slightly and begin to develop a rich patina.


Scratch-marks simply do not go away, and tend to get bigger with use. However, if it does happen, you could try using some uncolored leather polish (Eg. Meltonian) to cover the scratch. If it's small, this might repair it or at least hide it; but otherwise, it's there for good.

Note: If these procedures do not work for you, consult a professional leather care expert. Vaja will not assume any responsibility for damage incurred by owners based on information provided here.