Nuova Pelle - iPhone 5s Cases - iPhone 5 Cases

Nuova Pelle

Slim folio style iPhone 5s cases

Nuova Pelle - iPhone 5s Cases - iPhone 5 Cases

All in the Details

Each Nuova Pelle is meticulously crafted by hand out of a single piece of our premium Bridge Leather for increased strength, durability and character. Bridge Leather requires an initial break-in period and only gets better with use, as its unique patina warms up considerably over time. Our innovative, adhesive backing insures a streamlined fit and can be applied or removed again and again without the fear of leaving a sticky residue.
Seeing is Believing
The Nuova Pelle iPhone 5 case is on the leading edge of simple and smart. Its refined design combines classic, uncluttered styling with rugged good looks in order to create a unique premium leather case that's meant to be used, not just appreciated. But you don't have to take our word for it. Watch our video and see for yourself.
iPhone 5 Pelle Forest Night iPhone 5 Pelle London iPhone 5 Pelle Pinecone iPhone 5 Pelle Chili iPhone 5 Pelle Caramelo
  • Sleek, minimalist design Seamless premium Bridge leather construction
  • Comprehensive back and front screen protection
  • Adhesive, reusable backing for streamlined fit
  • Proprietary magnetic closure system
  • Custom color options available