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Ivolution top leather case for BlackBerry Bold 9900
iVo Top
from $95
Silver leather case for BlackBerry Bold 9900
from $230
Aero grip leather case for BlackBerry Bold 9900
Aero Grip
from $80
Ivolution top SP 2 case for BlackBerry Bold 9900
Ivo SP 2
from $105
Leather pouch for BlackBerry Bold 9900
from $90

Bold 9900 Cases

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cases for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 & 9930.
Bold 9900 Stylish leather cases
Bold 9900 Stylish leather cases

BlackBerry Bold 9900 & 9930 leather cases

As well as your BlackBerry Bold 9900 plays an essential role in your daily routine, our leather cases line will definitely turn into an integral solution. Not only will they offer great protection, but also they will add style to your Bold device. The whole line offers a wide range to cover almost every user's needs: from the Aero Grip for just back protection and permanent access to the screen, to the Ivolution Top, with front lid for full protection. If you want a more sporty model, then you can go with the iVolution Top SP, with an innovative lid pattern that includes a contrasting leather stripe at the side. If you are fond of pouch style covers, then the iVolution Deco 2 will be perfect; it has a semi-rigid structure for even greater protection and it is available in two-tone combinations. But if you are looking for something really unique in the market, we can also offer it to you: the Silver design, with genuine 925 Silver appliqués. All the range is available in a lot of color combinations, and two different types of cowhides according to the model.