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Ivolution top leather case for Samsung Galaxy S 2
iVo Top
from $95
Feather leather pouch for Samsung Galaxy S 2
Feather Pouch
from $90
Leather grip case for Samsung Galaxy S 2
from $90

Galaxy S2 Cases

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cases for the Samsung Galaxy SII.
Premium Leather cases for Samsung Galaxy
Premium Leather cases for Samsung Galaxy

Galaxy SII premium leather cases

Those customers who consider good protection is not enough and want style added to their devices will find our Samsung Galaxy Sll leather cases line really captivating. Within our models you can find the Ivolution Grip for back colorful protection or the iVolution Top for full coverage, with a completely detachable front cover, that can be easily gripped at the back. Or if you think lightness is a must when looking for protection, we also offer the Feather Pouch, with a pouch design. The whole line is available in different leather types and trendy hues.