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Agenda leather case for Samsung Galaxy S3

Agenda Leather Case

Agenda leather case for Samsung Galaxy S3


- Perfect Fit for Samsung Galaxy S III
- Access to headphone jack.
- Access to power and ring on/off buttons.
- Magnetic closure.
- Premium leather.

Handicraft process: 30 days
Price $ 110,00

Agenda leather case for Galaxy S III

The Agenda premium leather case for Samsung Galaxy S III shows a high level or craftsmanship which is combined with an innovative design. This leather case has a front screen flap that opens like a book, remaining attached to the side of the base by a hidden magnetic closure. The back piece hugs the phone tightly, and protects the back and sides. It provides easy access to main functions, camera and side buttons. It is made of Floater grainy cowhide for the outside, and Caterina smooth leather for the inside, offering many tones and cool combinations to choose from.