Grip - Leather Case for iPhone 7 Plus

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iPhone 7 Plus Leather Grip

This iPhone 7 Plus leather case is light and slim, yet robust. The hard Polycarbonate ultra thin backbone prevents the phone from being bulky and will still be protected from accidental drops and falls, so you can easily carry it in your pocket. The polycarbonate is lined with Argentinian leather on both sides, giving the case a perfect grip. This iPhone 7 Plus leather case is hand-crafted by our artisans, which select and cut the perfect piece of leather, emboss it, and stretch it over the polycarbonate frame, taking care not to wrinkle it. That takes time and precision 

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Bridge Leather

Every Vaja iPhone 7 leather case is produced inside of our factory near the South Pole.
No overseas mass production, ever. Just an incredible team of skilled craftsmen using ancient techniques
combined with state-of-the-art technology. Handcrafted precision - that’s what Vaja is all about.

Grip leather case for iPhone 7 plus 6

iPhone 7 Grip Premium Leather Casegrip embossed iphone 7 leather casegrip embossed iphone 7 leather case

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