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Premium Leather Case for MacBook Air 13"

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Finally, a MacBook Air leather casethat complements it without compromising Apple's thoughtful design and functionality. Our all-natural, vegetable-tanned Bridge leather featuring a classic pique pattern adds enhanced texture and actually helps cool your device while in use. The innovative, reusable backing always insures a streamlined fit and will never leave a sticky residue. As one of the slimmest premium leather cases for the MacBook Air on the market today, the Leather Wrap is a triumph of tradition and innovation.


All in Details

Each MacBook Air Leather Wrap is meticulously crafted by hand out of our premium, natural, vegetable-tanned Bridge leather for increased strength, durability and character. Bridge leather requires
an initial break-in period and only gets better with use as its unique patina warms up considerably over time.



Traditional methos, natural design.

We take pride in using a traditional, age-old process that uses natural extracts from the native Quebracho tree to tan the leather. This process is safer for the environment and our planet as a whole. The Macbook Air 11" Leather Cover is purposely stripped of metals and plastics and is a testament to the same natural beauty and functional simplicity found everywhere in nature.

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