Hit the Town with an iPhone XS leather Wallet Case and Leather Backpack

Hit the Town with an iPhone XS leather Wallet Case and Leather Backpack

April 19, 2019

Making an investment in fashion and accessories that are high quality is a decision that will ultimately leave you looking more sophisticated and with pieces that stand the test of time. If you’re looking to achieve that sophisticated, stylish look, perhaps it’s time to hit the town with a deliciously beautiful iPhone XS leather wallet case and the perfect leather backpack.


iPhone XS leather Wallet Case


There is no way to cut corners on style, and it all begins with the quality of materials used in creating the product. Vaja uses the finest, softest Argentine leather, which is then hand-stitched in making everything from wallets to cases for electronics and accessories, including the beloved backpack. Each piece of the Vaja collection is made with functionality and practicality in mind, making for a backpack that simplifies you everyday life. Our iPhone XS leather case selection is second to none.

The stylish and versatile Explorer leather backpack

The Explorer Leather Backpack makes for the perfect leather travel bag. For city dwellers, the leather packet is the perfect alternative to a handbag or tote bag that can eventually place strain on your shoulder. With adjustable padded straps, the backpack can fit all different shapes and builds comfortably. With weight equally distributed on your back, the leather backpack will help you move throughout the city with ease, as you board public transportation, walk a few miles to your final destination, all while feeling safe and comfortable.


Explorer Leather Backpack


The Explorer Leather Backpack includes a zippered inside pocket and inside key holder that will help you stay organized. The design of the bag also includes easy transport of your electronics, with a laptop pocket with magnetic closure. Once you hold one in your hands, you will immediately experience the difference between a Vaja backpack and others on the market. The quality of the fabric and care put into the leather lining cannot be matched elsewhere.

Vaja's commitment to high quality leather for beautiful products

Vaja is well known for its collection of high quality, finely crafted leather wallets. Designed to fit your lifestyle, Vaja cases are intuitive and practical but do not require you to sacrifice beauty, style, or sophistication. Wallets are made to hold dollars bills and credit cards, without adding extra bulk. The rich aroma of a Vaja wallet marks it different from other wallets made from less quality materials on the market, adding to the charm and originality of the accessory. As is true with the Explorer Leather Backpack, customers can rest assured that when they invest in a Vaja piece, they are investing in a high quality item that will serve them for years to come. We also have iPhone leather wallet cases for other versions if you don’t have an XS.


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