The Soft Buttery Touch on Your iPhone Ten Leather Case - Customize Yours

The Soft Buttery Touch on Your iPhone Ten Leather Case - Customize Yours

March 12, 2019

In today’s fast paced world, your iPhone follows you everywhere. It seems that people these days cannot live without their iPhone, which is why we have designed the sleekest personalized iPhone Ten leather cases that are sure to keep your phone not only safe but fashion-forward. When you consider the photos, important phone numbers, emails, texts messages and voicemails you have stored on your phone, it is important to have the best protection for iPhone Ten and other devices. Not only do we boast the best designs and fashions, but our cases are also extremely functional and protective.

iPhone Ten Wallet - Leather Case

Choosing the Best Protection for Your iPhone Ten

We use only the highest quality Argentine leather in our products. Each piece of leather is handcrafted by skilled artisans, experienced and passionate about their work. They scrutinize every detail, while leaving small flaws in the leather, adding to the character of the leather. One aspect of Vaja that distinguishes our company from others is our willingness to custom leather iPhone Ten cases. We understand that technology is constantly changing. We can add cut outs for the headphone hole, camera hole, as well as the hole for your SD card in your device. Our customers have the option of magnetic closure or snap closure. We give customers the option of engraving a personalized message onto the leather as well. We aim to give our customers as many choices as possible, to ensure that they are not settling on a case that does not fit all of their needs.

The Perfect Fit for the Perfect Leather Case

When you order from Vaja, we can custom make our customers' iPhone Ten leather cases to perfectly fit the shape of their device and to accommodate to their style preferences. We work to provide the best quality, using full grain cowhide leather. The cowhide is shipped from Argentina, is authentic and easy to clean. Because the quality of our leather iPhone Ten cases is so high, you will find that your cases will last for decades when cared for properly. The craftsmanship cannot be beat. The different types of leather we use include floater, vitelino, and caterina. If you're looking for something even more convenient, check out Vaja's iPhone leather wallets.... many styles and shapes to choose from!

Here are Vaja, we know that technology changes fast. In turn, we work to keep up with all of the new technological devices to stay current and relevant to our customers throughout the world. If for some reason we do not have a case to fit your device, we are more than happy to customize any case to fit your device. Our customers do not need to compromise their desires, as we are willing to listen to the needs of our customers and cater to them.

iPhone 10 Leather Case - Stand

Luxury Leather Cases... the BEST from Vaja

Luxury iPhone Ten cases are hard to come by, especially when you are limited to the local mall or the accessory aisle of an electronics store. Vaja handcrafts some of the most functional and durable, yet luxurious and fashionable iPhone Ten cases for customers throughout the world. Their reputation for quality cannot be beat. Luxury iPhone Ten Cases The life expectancy of Vaja products is extremely long. If taken care of, it can actually last a lifetime. We recommend that customers polish the leather about once a week with a mild brush. The leather is non-allergenic, which is perfect for folks who are sensitive and suffer from allergies.

Vaja crafts cases for all of your electronics, which include but are not limited to iPads, mp3s, notebooks, laptops, and tablets. They even craft beautiful authentic leather wallets as well. Vaja uses full grain cowhide from Argentina for all of their products. Natural markings are left on the leather to preserve its character. Each product is handmade and one-of-a-kind. When our customers purchase Vaja luxury iPhone Ten cases, they are truly purchasing an original that is sure to last them for years.

iPhone Ten Leather Case

Another great aspect of Vaja is that we can custom order anything that is not already available in our store. Depending on your device, we can craft cutouts wherever you desire, to fit the holes for your camera hole, SD card hole, or hole for ear phones. We can also personalize your luxury iPhone cases with engraving. Customers also have the choice between snap closure or magnetic closure. We strive to give our customers artistic license in creating exactly what they want, instead of forcing them to settle for what we offer like so many other retailers do.

Superior Craftsmanship and Quality

The quality and craftsmanship of Vaja products cannot be beat. If you want quality luxury iPhone Ten cases, without having to sacrifice beauty or fashion, Vaja products are perfect for you.


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