Premium Leather Case for Samsung S4


Premium Leather Folio-Style Case for Galaxy S4

Choose one of our premium designs, or customize your own unique leather case!

Set Your Agenda

Surround your Samsung S4 in luxury with our Agenda Premium Leather Case. The unique Folio design offers unrivaled protection with a fold-back cover that keeps your device safe and sound. Our proprietary magnetic closure system offers quick, effortless access to the front screen, while still providing a secure seal when closed.

Magnetic Attraction

Our proprietary closure system utilizes rare earth magnets to create a discrete, yet effective design that is safe for all electronic devices. This innovative technology works in tandem with your Samsung S4 to form a secure seal offering maximum protection with minimal effort and obstruction.
Custom Color Options
Our Agenda Premium Leather case for the Samsung S4  is handcrafted from textured, pebbled Floater leather and features an embossed Caterina leather lining for increased texture and interest. Choose from our featured color selections, take advantage of our customizer and create the exclusive, one-of-a-kind case you’ve always dreamed of.
Vaja Premium Argentine Leather Cases for the Samsung S4